September 16, 2019

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The Complications of Motorcycle Passenger Injuries

Motorcycle Accident

Riding a motorcycle, when done safely, is one of the best ways to experience the road. But when you and the person you’re riding with are taking in the scenes and experience, it’s easy to forget that you are extremely vulnerable in a crash. Motorcycle passengers are at a particularly high risk for injury in most crashes.

The Danger to Passengers

When you take a seat on the back of a motorcycle, you are entrusting your safety and your life to the rider. Not only is the rider responsible for your safety, but you must also take precautions to ensure you’re safe. This means wearing a quality helmet and other protective gear, and knowing how you will respond to a crash when one occurs.

Because a passenger is not fastened to a motorcycle, you have a high risk of being launched from the back seat during a crash. If you land on your head, the brain damage can easily be lethal or life-altering. Another complication that arises from a motorcycle crash, from the perspective of a passenger, is who do you collect damages from?

Options for Compensation

In many states, it is the responsibility of the negligent driver to pay damages to people he has wrongfully hurt. In fact, it is common for states to require drivers to carry liability insurance so those hurt in a crash will receive compensation to cover time off from work, medical bills, property damage, etc. Injured passengers are typically covered by this insurance.

In cases where you have no relation to the driver, like in situations when a bus you were riding on crashed, you could pursue a claim for damages against both or either driver for compensation. As a passenger, you may know the motorcycle driver. This does not change the legal dynamics of your case. You can pursue a claim against the driver if he or she was negligent. You can also pursue a claim against the other driver if the other driver caused the collision. While it may be awkward to pursue a claim against the driver of your motorcycle, you should recognize that the driver will not have to pay directly. The driver’s insurance company will be responsible if it the driver is found to be liable for your injuries..

Obviously, in this situation, you would be wise to consult with a personal injury attorney with experience handling motorcycle accident claims. Personal injury attorneys have the experience and resources needed to investigate every angle of your case, and to recover the compensation you deserve.

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