September 16, 2019

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Documents Necessary for Personal Injury Claims

Accident Documents

Documentation is critical for a successful personal injury claim. Submitting the right documentation in your claim could mean the difference between getting full compensation for your injuries and property damage and not receiving any compensation at all.

The starting point for determining what documentation you need is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. Your attorney will help you determine which documents are necessary for a successful claim.

Overview of documents you need

Every personal injury claim is unique. Accordingly, the documents required to make a successful claim may vary from one case to another. The following is an overview of the documents required for many personal injury claims. Your attorney may require additional documents from you based on the particular circumstances of your case.

    1. Police report: This is a public document that gives a record of the facts of motor vehicle accident if that is what caused your injuries. The police report will include details such as measurements taken at the scene of the accident, photos of the accident scene, and other evidence. This report can help to determine who should be held liable for the collision.
    2. Witness accounts: These are written records given by witnesses of the accident. The details provided by these witnesses can help experts reconstruct the accident and determine who is at fault.
    3. Victim statements: Your statement is one of the most important documents that you will include in the claim. This provides your account of the incident. It is a written record that is taken soon after the accident. It is therefore important to be as accurate as possible in giving your account of events.
    4. Photos or videos: Visual records such as photos and videos are a great tool that your attorney can use to determine liability. These photos should include images of the damaged vehicle, injuries sustained as a result of the accident, the location where the accident occurred, and other damages.
    5. Medical records and reports: A medical report will be used to determine the extent of your injuries resulting from the accident. Be sure to also include records such as receipts and bills as proof of expenses that you’ve incurred in treating your injuries.
    6. Proof of income: This should include pay stubs and any other paperwork that shows your income before the accident. This information will be used in determining your compensation.


  • Expert opinions: Your attorney may include the opinions of expert witnesses to demonstrate to the court how the accident occurred, or the extent of your injuries. These statements can help to make your case stronger.


If you’ve been injured in an accident and are seeking compensation, be sure to consult with an experienced injury attorney.

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